Discover why SkyQuota is the

SkyQuota delivers the features, capabilities and tools you need, coupled with the
best of breed customization and the fastest performance on the market.

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Finally, a CRM made for you.

Use SkyQuota to track and manage contacts from lead to customer. Give sales the info they need for a precise follow-up.

Improve productivity for you and your< team with custom sales processes, easy collaboration, built-in closing process, and integrated SMS.

Personalize pitches and win more deals with SkyQuota's complete view of the customer — their account, activity history, connections, and more.

Automate repetitive tasks with SkyQuota so you can focus on following up, building relationships, and closing deals, not worr about administrative duties.

SkyQuota helps you grow and scale.

Build your business on a single, secure, and scalable platform that's easy to
customize and upgrade without anything breaking. Leverage the power of
SkyQuota and extend your power to sell.

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SkyQuota does not have the
limitations of traditional CRM systems.

Spreadsheet Mode

Use SkyQuota like excel or as a deep CRM

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Custom Fields

Add custom dropdowns, radio buttons, date pickers, or text.

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Reward Spiffs

Easily motivate sales executives within SkyQuota.

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Follow Me

Follow opportunities and be notified of changes instantly.

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Less Screens & Clicks

SkyQuota takes a simple approach. Less = More

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Built-In Closing Process

Use SkyQuota to see a 10% increase to quota attainment.

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The SkyQuota Difference


Salesforce and other CRMs like it might have been fast once, but that was a long time ago. Today, it's bloated and slow. SkyQuota is actually the fastest CRM on the planet, delivering the ability to build your business quickly.


Big CRMs require that you work within their preset limits. SkyQuota does not. In fact, it is the most customizable CRM on the market, allowing you to play by your own rules, or throw the rulebook out completely if you want.

Custom Sales Process

Build your own sales process with SkyQuota, and never find yourself locked into doing things in a particular way because your software requires you to do so. Your business is unique. Shouldn't your sales process be, too?

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