Increase your sales
quota by 10%

How it works

Lead Management

Built for speed. This section can be used like a spread-
sheet or as the beginning of deep CRM. From scheduling
calls and meetings, to setting reminders or sending text
messages, everything you need to follow up is automatic.


Import leads

Fast notes

Color picker


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Account Management

Every single touch point is connected to the account. Having
visibility of every data point in one screen saves time. Create
a custom sales process to provide the correct strategy for
your sales team and make it easy to exceed quota.


Custom sales process


Find duplicates & merge

File upload

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Manage Opportunities

Follow opportunities and be notified of any change. Set
and monitor sales stages, create custom fields, upload
requirement documents, monitor activity and view
the summary of everything with one click.


Follow me

Key fields

Spiff rewards

Monitor sale stages

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Advanced Contacts &
Custom Fields

Sales people need freedom and flexibility. Use SkyQuota
to create any type of custom field including drop downs,
radio buttons, date pickers or plain text.


Custom fields

Custom categories

Custom radio buttons

Custom dropdowns

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Closing Opportunities

SkyQuota offers custom sales processes throughout the
entire system which are connected to the built-in closing
process. Each sales executive typically sees a minimum of
10% increase to quota attainment.



Past activities

Built-in closing

Exceed sales quota

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SkyQuota is built by salespeople for salespeople
without the limitations of traditional CRM systems.

We make it easy for you to exceed your sales quota – at a fraction of the cost.

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