Get Paid
Refer business to Sky quota and get paid

Whether you're a current customer who loves the increased productivity of SkyQuota or an influential business consultant looking to recommend a reliable business CXM solution, the referral program is a simple way to earn some extra cash. It’s easy! Just submit some information about your referral, and you get paid when they become a customer.*

  • A business with 10 users earns $300*
  • A business with 30 users earns $1,000*
Step 1:
Fill out your information and tell us about your referral.
Step 2:
Our solution experts will reach out to your referral and help them decide if SkyQuota is the right fit for them. If it is, you get paid!
Step 3:
Cash Your Check. Payment is mailed 30 days post the second fully paid invoice.
Tell us about yourself…
Are you currently working with a Sky Quota sales rep?

If so, who is your sales rep? (First and Last Name)
Terms and Conditions (Our lawyer says we need some fine print. We like him anyway.)

* Total referral payment is $30 per user/seat (new, original orders only; not applicable to add-on orders). Maximum payout on the Referral Program is $1,000 per referred business that becomes a SkyQuota customer. Referral customers must purchase 3 or more seats/licenses from SkyQuota to qualify as a referral under the Referral Program. Contacts/prospects already known by SkyQuota in SkyQuota’s lead management database are excluded and are not qualified in the Referral Program. Payment to Referrer will be made after the referred customer has activated service and has paid their bill for two billing periods. The referred customer and the referrer must be in good standing for 60 days at the time of referral payment to Referrer. Referral payments will be made by check, payable to the Referrer. Referrer’s W-9 and signed terms and conditions must be provided to SkyQuota within 60 days of referral.

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