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Challenging the
Status Quo of the
Sales Profession

We believe salespeople think differently and need tools built differently. The way we challenge the sales status quo is by creating tools that are simple to use and help get the work done.

We just happen to be great at CRM.

Our Story

Sales Innovation

For the longest time, we’ve pressured salespeople to reach their quotas and, most of the time, even exceed them. Yet, we’ve given them nothing new to help. We expect salespeople to perform all the work manually while other professions evolve with automation and innovation.

It’s time to think differently about sales.

You can’t expect a roofer to build you a roof when you give them a wrench, so why do you expect your sales team to give you a sale if the right tools are out of their reach? What they need is a CRM that can do more work for them, allowing your salespeople to focus on what really matters: closing deals.

Our CRM crawls the internet to generate targeted leads for your business, can contact prospects via email, SMS, and even phone calls to engage and qualify those prospects. Imagine having this CRM in your sales process doing all these things for you even before human intervention is needed! And this is only a small part of why you should choose SkyQuota.

When you take advantage of SkyQuota’s unique features and tools, it’s a game-changer for any business. We’ve pushed the innovation boundaries for salespeople so they can focus on what really matters: closing deals. With SkyQuota, you can enable your sales team to drive 10-20% more revenue per month!

Why do we use CRM?

We use CRM for 2 main reasons:

  • Help workers do their job and exceed goals
  • Provide management clear visibility

If you believe your current CRM is doing these things for you, then everybody on your sales team should be hitting or exceeding their targets, your company revenue should be good, and your management should be happy.

But is that the case for you? Does your current CRM do these things for you?

Thinking Differently

There is no reason why your CRM can’t do a portion of the workload of marketeers and salespeople. Fact.

Imagine thinking differently about sales! Imagine a CRM that goes out to the internet and generates targeted leads for your business. Game changer for marketeers and salespeople right? Ok take it further and imagine your CRM generating leads and then following up to close deals. Game changer for business!

Well at SkyQuota this is a reality and just a small part of Why SkyQuota. With every fiber in our being we challenge the old methodologies and standards when it comes to the marketing and sales profession. We challenge these professions to stop being stagnant and evolve with the times.

CRM Speed Matters

Speed matters in many different ways.

For example, speed of the page loading, how many screens, number of clicks to accomplish something, the number of pages you have to go to in order to get ALL the relevant info you need, speed of adding a new feature, speed of fixing a problem if one arrives, and so many other ways to calculate speed.

Here at Sky, we take speed seriously by reverse engineering our CRM. We took all types of speed into consideration at every architecture and developmental step.

Built by salespeople for salespeople – oh and BTW, now a days we drive all of our development from the voice of the customer = YOU

Happy Selling!

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