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Built for speed, our leads management features are easy to use and come with the deep functionality you need to meet and exceed your sales quota. SkyQuota is built to automatically schedule calls, set reminders, send texts, and more so your only job is to close the deal.


  •  Import leads
  •  Spreadsheet mode
  •  Color picker
  •  SMS


Every single touch point is connected to the company. Having visibility of every data point in one screen saves time. Create a custom sales process to provide the correct strategy for your sales team and make it easy to exceed quota.


  •  Custom sales process
  •  Find clones & merge
  •  Reminders
  •  File upload


Follow deals and be notified of any change. Set and monitor sales stages, create custom fields, upload requirement documents, monitor activity and view the summary of everything with one click.


  •  Follow
  •  Key fields
  •  Rewards
  •  Monitor sale stages


Integrate your contacts and appointments with SkyQuota in seconds. You can even create any type of custom field including drop downs, radio buttons, date pickers, or plain text to manage your connections YOUR way.


  •  Custom fields
  •  Custom categories
  •  Custom radio buttons
  •  Custom drop downs


Close deals with ease! SkyQuota offers custom sales processes connected to the built-in closing process with gamification features like you have never seen in a CRM. Get ready to see a MINIMUM 10% increase in quota attainment across the board.


  •  Goals
  •  Built-in closing process
  •  Past activities
  •  Exceed sales quota


Get the freedom and flexibility to meet your sales quota. SkyQuota is designed to allow you to set any type of quota you can imagine and provide visual tools to create fun & healthy competition.


  •  Healthy competition
  •  Sales quota
  •  Team Goals
  •  Rewards

managesales process

Create qualification steps for lead management and strategy process for closing deals. Create rules to enforce sales reps following your custom sales process. Monitor sales process using SkyQuota backoffice.


  •  Qualification
  •  Strategize
  •  Questions
  •  Monitor sale process

managewebsite forms

Capture more leads from your website by connecting your website forms to SkyQuota. Use robots or humans to qualify your website leads and begin your custom sales process.


  •  Website integration
  •  Lead insertion
  •  Custom fields
  •  Automatic follow-up
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